Banh Mi (Vietnamese Baguette) made its debut in Vietnam around 1830s; and just like Pho, it went through many changes due to wars, migrations, and different cultural tastes. Banh Mi continues to morph itself since its introduction to the Western culinary scene since 1975 after the Vietnam War. In America, if there’s another Vietnamese dish that stands on its own next to the mighty popularity of Pho, it has to be Banh Mi.

Banh Mi is a combination of 2 Vietnamese words – banh and mi. The Vietnamese uses “banh” for pretty much anything that’s made from the Polysaccharides form of Carbohydrates that provide the starches and fiber in your diet. For example, “pho noodle” is called “banh pho” in Vietnamese. “Mi” is the Vietnamese word for wheat.

In America, Banh Mi is synonymous for a delicious Vietnamese sandwich/hoagie/sub that starts with a baguette and filled with scrumptious goodies and fresh vegetables.

At Anise, our delicious Banh Mi is baked in house and can be enjoyed with pork, beef, chicken, vegan tofu, or a special combination of the best Vietnamese hams. All are filled with our freshest vegetables and pickled carrots and daikons.

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