Long Nguyen grew up in Summit, New Jersey. His schooling were also all from New Jersey, which included high school, college, and post graduate studies where he received both a Bachelor and Master of Engineering degrees in Electrical Engineering. With an engineering background, Long has been exposed to computers for a very long time and owned one of the first personal computers ever produced. He spent most of his professional careers in IT and now works as a consultant helping various health plans in the US with their IT needs. Despite being exposed to photography very early (his father owned and was very adept with a Canon SLR), Long did not develop a love for photography until the advent of DSLR technology and until 2007 when he had a chance to travel to Vietnam, the country of his birth. Once in Vietnam, Long was amazed and fell in love with Vietnam's cultures and exotic beauties. He started to record everything that he saw with a camera so that he can share his experiences with his friends, family, and everyone in the world. Longs photographic skills have evolved and changed since then, but everyone of his photo still strives for the same thing today - tell a story. Besides photography, Long loves the game of golf and rides a 2003 Harley Softail Deuce. He currently lives in Littleton, Colorado, with his beautiful wife, a son, and a daughter.

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