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Anise® is located at 865 N Lincoln Street on the south west corner of Lincoln and 9th in Denver’s historic Golden Triangle District. It is a full-service Modern Vietnamese Eatery that is also a fun place to spend time with friends… or meet new ones. Our tag line as seen above is “Fresh, Healthy, Fun!” Anise® is a fun eatery that happens to be perfectly situated in a historic but artistic area of Denver.


Anise® uses only the freshest ingredients. Everything on our menu is made in house, in our kitchen, everyday. We source the highest grade ingredients daily, because we know there’s a direct correlation between fresh and tastiness.


Vietnamese food is one of the healthiest food in the world, but don’t take our words for it. Let the Internet be your guide:

Culture Trip: Eating healthy in Vietnam is no hard feat, as Viet cuisine includes some of the healthiest dishes in the world.

WebMD: Herbs are not just used to enhance the foods; they are part of the meal itself.

Huffington Post: Vietnamese food is almost always naturally gluten-free, as many of the dishes are made with rice noodles, rice papers and rice flour instead of wheat. 

Foodnetwork: A refreshing food culture that’s abundant in fresh herbs and vegetables, clean flavors and light, nourishing dishes.

CNN: Fresh herbs, lots of vegetables and seafood, and cooking techniques that use water or broth instead of oils — these are some of the standout qualities of Vietnamese food.

MSG: Anise® does not utilize MSG during its preparation and cooking process.


Whether you like to wind down for happy hour after a long day of work, catch up with friends over lunch on weekends, enjoy nice dinners with your favorite dates, have power lunches with your favorite clients, or just root for your favorite sport teams, Anise® is your go-to destination. Ample in space but intimate in atmosphere, Anise® is a fun place to be for both work and pleasure.

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