Yes, that is not a typo. Our customers ask for it, so we have found the means and will now deliver. Our delivery service will begin at 4PM everyday starting today. We will deliver to the Denver area bounded to the north by i70, south and west by i25, and to the east by Colorado Blvd. We may or may not use that pretty bicycle in the picture, but don’t worry, we will get your food to you.

Another good news is that because of this newly launched delivery service, we have expanded our takeout/delivery menu with more options. Of course we will continue to do curbside pickups, takeouts, and dine in services both indoors and outdoors in our beautiful patio.

Amelia’s Flight Bag

Amelia and the team at CO & CO (Colorado and Company) bring Coloradans interesting interviews, community updates and a whole lot of fun. Amelia normally works from her home art studio and CO & CO’s newest Correspondent, Dani Fried, broadcasts from her Denver Loft!

Recently, Amelia and Dani stumbled upon our eatery and have decided to include Anise in Amelia’s Flight Bag. Thank you Amelia and Dani. We love your show!

What’s your favorite mimosa flavor? Grapefruit, cranberry, pineapple, mango, or the original orange juice? Visit Anise in the Golden Triangle area of Capital Hill in Denver every Saturday and Sunday from 11AM-2PM and you can enjoy bottomless mimosas with Vietnamese Brunch, brunch as eaten by Vietnamese.

To celebrate America’s birthday, Anise is unveiling our newest menu: Weekend Brunch!

Most American diners know of Vietnamese brunch as pho, but there’re more to Vietnamese brunch than just pho. Sure Vietnamese eat pho for breakfast, but Vietnamese eat pho all the time. Breakfast is just one of the “all the time” that Vietnamese eat pho. To define pho as the only Vietnamese food is unfair to all the other delicious Vietnamese brunch choices.

In opening Anise, our Owner and Executive Chef, Quyen Trinh, wants to introduce less common but delicious Vietnamese food to America, and she has. With the Anise brunch menu, we dare say that Chef Quyen has done it again. If you love Vietnamese food (who doesn’t?), then you’re going to love Vietnamese brunch. In fact, Anise gets more requests for a brunch offering than anything else.

Besides pho, our brunch menu features unique items like Breakfast Springroll (another Anise invention), Eggs Omelets on a bed of rice paper, Cháo (Vietnamese porridge), Xôi (sticky rice), $5 Cocktails, Bottomless Mimosas, and of course vegan and vegetarian choices.

If you’re curious to see what Vietnamese brunch is like, take a look at our brunch menu then join us every Saturday and Sunday from 11AM-2PM.

Besides brunch, we also have Happy Hour with $5 cocktails from 2-6PM every weekday.

Happy Independence Day and ăn ngon miện nhé!

Denver June 1st Curfews

Denver has imposed another curfew to start off the month of June. This time the curfew is in effect every night from 9PM-5AM all through Friday, June 5 at 5AM.

Restaurants like Anise have to close at 9PM, which means we will take the last customers at 8PM, and all customers have to finish and leave Anise by 9PM. If you’re planning on dining at Anise this week, we highly recommend reservations. Thank you for your continued patronage. Be safe and stay healthy!

Denver Curfews

Because of the curfews in Denver this Saturday and Sunday at 8PM, Anise is closing early. Based on information from the Colorado Restaurant Association, the City of Denver allows restaurants like Anise to close at 8PM. Which means we will take the last customers at 7PM, and all customers have to finish and leave Anise by 8PM. If you’re planning on dining at Anise tonight, we highly recommend reservations. Thank you for your continued patronage, and whatever you do tonight, please be safe!

On Monday, May 25, 2020, Governor Polis announced that restaurants and similar establishments will be able to reopen today, Wednesday, May 27, 2020. Throughout this pandemic, Anise remained opened for takeouts while adhering to all state guidelines and COVID-19 safety procedures. Since the beginning, we have anticipated a reopening in the midst of the pandemic, of course with heighten safety procedures; hence we have been preparing, we are ready, and we will be opened today. We know it is always safer at home for everyone, but our goal is to make sure that Anise is the safest place to dine outside of your home. That said, here are the measures that we have put in place:

For our Customers

Seating for both indoor and outdoor dine-in will be arranged so that all patrons not in the same parties will be at least 6 feet apart. Anise already has a nice patio, but we are working with the City of Denver and State Agencies to further expand seating onto the sidewalks near the front entrance of Anise. Every group and every reservation will be limited to 8 people maximum. In fact, if you have groups of 4 or more, we recommend making reservations ahead of time by calling our main number at 303-830-3934. For your own health safety and those around you, facemasks are required and must be worn until you have sat down at your seating area. It’s the law!

All tables and shared surfaces will be disinfected with every turnover (in between parties) with commercial grade disinfectant rated to kill coronavirus. Hand sanitizers will be available at check-in area and all through Anise. Our restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected at least once every hour.

We have made our menus available online so our guests can browse them comfortably with their favorite Internet enable electronic devices.

For our Employees

We have implemented symptom monitoring protocols (temperature monitoring and symptom screening questions) for all employees. If employee shows any symptoms or sign of sickness, they will be asked to go home. All employees must wear facemasks and practice 6 feet distancing between other employees when possible. Hand washing is required uppon arriving to work and in between tasks (or at least every 30 minutes).

Operating Hours and Specials

Now that we’re opened again, we will resume pre-COVID-19 hours, which are 11AM-10PM everyday of the week.

As communicated earlier, this opening is also the official end to any specials that were offered during the lockdown, but please watch our blog for future specials.

For the month of May, Chef Quyen is offering a free draft beer (Bud Light or Coors Light) with every entree purchase to our dine-in patrons. Of course, you must be older than 21 with a valid pictured ID to participate, and you have to mention seeing the special on our blog.

“Ăn ngon miệng nhé” in Vietnamese or “bon appétit” as they say in French!

Few things smell and taste as good as freshly baked baguettes. That’s why at Anise we choose to bake all our baguettes in house. We are not going to take any chances in putting together banh mi, one of the most popular sandwiches ever. Crunchy outside with beautiful crusty colors but soft white interior, our baguettes is one of many reasons why Anise has the best banh mi in the market. Virtually the very first thing we do at Anise every morning is bake fresh baguettes for that day’s banh mi line up. That’s why our banh mi are always fresh and delicious. If you don’t know what banh mi is, please check out our banh mi blog then browse our banh mi menu for the freshest, crunchiest, and tastiest banh mi you have ever tasted.